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Midwestern born, Texas raised, inquisitive undergrad.

Experienced provider, possessed of sweet supple curves and a lust for the universe!

Curious and occasionally insightful, I am on a constant quest for knowledge, and direct experience.

Where I lack confidence, I make up with passion. I have strong opinions and a defining sense of sexuality,

I struggle to analyze and explore the world around me, as well as myself my body and my personal desire.

Above all I place a revolutionary optimism and strive to be as sensitive, as I am silly.


I adore pleasure; the exchange of. 

The tight chest palpitating, pounding kickpedal on bass drum.

 The dynamic exchange of energy reverberating against taught skin. Pregnant with sensation, a swelling of ineffable pleasance

Diaphragm shaking, throat catching, eye-watering, sacred choking delectation.

My promise is my presence, in the moment, to enjoy your touch, freely as you should mine.

Meeting each other, I like to make sure we have ample time to explore, our fantasies, the subtle rising to great intensity.

I consider you mine from introduction to the aftercare; whether it be cuddling, a short massage, or having a refreshing drink together, before I send you back into the storm, satisfied and ready to meet the world !

. Our moments together will be an honest and gentle exchange. As we become familiar with each other, in unique, personal ways. I will award you the comfort, attention, and love, you deserve. 

Who am I?
Hello, You can call me Nico, I'm a twenty-five year old,  independent artist and adult industry performer. 

I've got a beautiful soft body with thick mouthwatering, sensitive hips and an ass fatter than a set of fresh tires. 

I'm very accommodating and service oriented but am not necessarily submissive. 

I'm a natural leader but prefer to take a step back when there are others to handle a situation. I enjoy being admired and celebrated sexually, reserving my intellect for those instances when I can properly express myself amongst trusted friends and lovers.

I returned to providing after a three year hiatus to find opportunities to travel to places, eat delicious food, and have unique and fun experiences I wouldn't otherwise be able to have with friends I wouldn't otherwise get to know.

I love what I do and find it deeply fulfilling to sate the desires of those I choose to see.

I'm a real person that isn't perfect, but strives to give perfect service, with safety and a smile! 

I'm excited to see what the future holds, even in these modern days of uncertainty.

Take my hand and we'll explore the world one heartbeat at a time!

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