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Perfect Girlfriend Experience is based on a mixture of traditional GFE meets a positive dialectical force of affirmation.

What I mean by that is I like to create a safe, relaxed, and open environment to explore in.  Where you can gain confidence through  action or act on confidence you have already! I enjoy  focusing on the oft forsaken erogenous connection. The stimulation of body via brain and vice versa!

 As an experienced professional in the exotic, and more traditional service industry I strive to ensure that your service is with a smile and Texas manners.
As a lover I strive to enjoy every moment of your time with me. Learn new tricks, or teach me some.
I have a hunch where a will and a want meet and I'm on my way.

With my expertise,  and your fantasies we can create a wondrously fond memory together. 




Sinope $600

Short, swift, succinct. 
(One hour)  


Utilitarian $800

Filled in, filled out, filled up full, fulfilled, to the highest pursuit.  Better for everyone (90mins)


Idealism $1k

Balanced, authentic, intellectual, empathetic. Perfect, ideal, as it should be.

(3-4 hrs)

All dates lasting more than three hours should have refrewshments provided!

Donations are for my time only. Anything that happens between consenting adults during that time is inconsequential of any monetary donations for my time and labor. No sexual acts of service will be exchanged for any type of renumeration. 

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