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Etiquette, and Answers to Questions Frequently Asked

What is your'e Availabillity?

I delight in embracing an air of exclusivity. 

My odd schedule and necessary allotment of recuperation time make each meeting all the more significant as I choose to indulge only in requests from those who show serious interest and enthusiasm.

To ensure a truly enchanting rendezvous, I request engagements to be arranged with a touch of anticipation, typically with twenty-four hours notice or more ! 


What if  your ‘Available Now’ is Enabled on the site that brought me here?

Should you happen to find my availability current, I am in fact open to a spontaneous affair!

I do politely request an hour or two to travel and finish intimately preparing myself for our exquisite encounter!

How should I arrange an appointment with you?


I prefer to be text, emailed, or have a new friend submit a booking application here


(I  will be phasing out text in February when my donations increase!)


Upon receipt of your completed booking form, I will respond to discuss the broad details of our engagement!

I will need to receive a small booking deposit, which is currently the only screening method I use, before we can discuss any specifics.

I’ve already sent you a Text/Booking Request/Email!

 I try to get to all requests in a timely manner, however, sometimes, amidst the beauty of life's distractions, I find myself momentarily whisked away from the delightful task of replying promptly.

I would be incredibly grateful if you would politely send me another request or message reminder and please accept my sincerest apologies for the inconvenience!

Do you travel? May I inquire about your Frequent destinations?


I hail from captivating and vibrant Austin, Texas, in the heart of our beautiful state. 

I am open to forging fun connections in new destinations whether we’re seeing sights or sequestered together snuggly! I’m a wonderful travel-buddy, always over-prepared (Perfectly Prepared) with a passport and an appetite for adventure! 

Kindly express your interest in an introductory message outlining your ideal reservations and potential options for transportation! 


Do you entertain couples?


Yes, and I am so happy to be invited into a shared realm. Collaborating with a couple can enhance a relationship, and I relish the opportunity to stimulate and strengthen that bond between lovers, helping unlock and explore new powerful tools and tactics to incorporate into regular intimacy!

(In the case of couples, I will need an additional one-hundred dollar deposit, and require a two hour minimum !)


Do you entertain with anyone, Doubles?

For a truly mesmerizing Ménage à Trois, my double dates are available for established friends (Those I have seen before) only! Unless another provider reaches out to me on your behalf.

I have a plethora of smoking hirsute hotties who love to perform with me!

(Donation details can be provided upon inquiry!?

How do I provide my deposit?

Meeting deposits may be conveniently submitted through the following methods

PayPal Processer Debit/Credit  Here

Cashapp $NicoPage1

Venmo @RedStarDesign 

I also accept gift cards to


I can’t do online deposits, I need to remain discreet?


Respecting your privacy and ensuring your convenience extremely important to me. That's why I make sure ahe payment platforms I utilize are not only secure and private, but diverse to accommodate you needs.

I'm happy look for means outside of these listed but I do not accept cash deposits nor do I ever waive my deposit, it is non negotiable.

Please keep in mind I take a deposit for my time and safety. I need it to feel secure in meeting you as a professional.


What is your policy regarding cancellations?


Acknowledging the fluidity of life, I absolutely understand that unexpected circumstances arise. Communication, should the unforeseen intervene, is requested and I kindly request the following to maintain our relationship:

- Appointments canceled with 72 hours notice will be rescheduled free of charge with no additional deposit.


 Appointments canceled with less than 72 hour notice will incur a 50% fee.


Appointments canceled with less than 12 hours' notice will require the full donation be sent.

Is there anything I should do to prepare?  

I appreciate the question tips to a successful meet are available upon booking if you would like, you have not but to ask!

Failure to adhere to this policy will result in the inability to accommodate future appointment requests! 

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