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Ride on Pure Dear

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

You hit me like a ton of bricks like a head on collision like ugh just keep hitting me.

Your eyes are like the chrome of a moving tire. Spinning six spokes dizzy me. I prefer to see you in the dark, when you beckon me late in the night, and I drive, lengthways across town.

Your cave, where you recover from the week, from wild trips across the hill country. You're hands calloused rough and you're heart if it exists more so.

It's funny how fast a young pretty face gets weathered in the wind.

The damage you do to yourself is nothing compared to what I'd let you do to me.

If you allowed me to, I'd ride down the same path. Alas you oppose me, sequester me to your bed and in your arms, pretend its the only place you care for me,

to be.

You fight and spite you're feelings and fear, feigning disinterest, relapsing and calling upon me when you can no longer stay away,

and why would you?

When I, who bow to no one, bow so willingly, to you. Stupid hooked to the end of your cock, dumb shook by you're mischievous mind.

You guide my head up the track to the tip of your own.

My chest pounds, my cunt begins to gently weep.

You set ablaze every nerve in my body, but that's not what you're after.

That would be to good for me, maybe a little as a treat, after I have satisfied the

craving to sacrifice.

"Spit on it" I comply, I wouldn't dare disobey now, when I, finally here, indulging in the ritual of abuse, so close to what I crave, only from you.

Lounging still, you don't smile but smirk at my face tonguing your soft fuzzy satchel, cramming your modest monster through my pharynx, swallowing it all including the gag as his tip mashed into the back of my throat.

If I had makeup on, it'd be running, like I should be.

Instead I worship you, face flared and flushed.

You're puncturing my psyche with that gaze, you reflect, bright in the moonlight, soft milky skin, under fallen-angel hair, over broad shoulders. Pink little puffy nipples punctuate your bulky but undefined arms, deceptively firm. Allthewhile you relax, catlike, on your back.

Those sly windows boring through me, covered in saliva, lapping at you.

With you're hand you cup the underside of my chin and lift me up to eye level. "Turn around" you say as you slide it down my neck, no pressure, no grip, nothing but the threat. The tingle of strength in fretted fingers of the devils left hand. I climb above you and take a deep breath, you reach for my hand and it almost passes as sweet. With this hold I lower myself onto you, your grip stabilizing me. When I feel it, I quiver. You exhale close you're eyes and when you open them I can see the predator. You bite you're lower lip, grope the space on either side of me, where my thigh and hips meet, and thrust into me. I can't help but shudder and writhe as my least sacred orifices' punctured, my soft tunnel throbbing, spasming, as you force me lower. I stop you, adjust myself and lick the sweat off my upper lip which has filled with salty juices tastes and smells like you. Pheromones.

We no longer face each other instead I can feel your intense gaze watching your tip disappear in between my thighs. It burns both sets of cheeks, my face hot and teary, "I cant take anymore."

I admit as the pain becomes nearly unbearable. "You're doing so good". This rare praise explodes in my stomach, a million mad bees.

You're legs curl up and underneath you. your frustrated, and out of lube.

Holding my arms behind me you push me onto my stomach staying in and holding your space, when I am firmly underneath you, you breath down my neck.

Prone, but not passive, I arch my back and push into your cock, crying out. You know how to play these strings, how much force will cause what sound how much force will snap a string. You're in me, further than I have allowed any other. I feel your forehead pressed hard into the crown of orange curls atop my own. You growl and I lose it, it hurts so much, then the tip rubs against some deep clit root and It's such intense burning desire I thrash as he begins to rock in and out of me caressing my inside with a musicians rhythm. The strokes are brainfoggin, drool inducing, cant remember my name but I can remember yours as its jumps through my lips at the catalyst of a warm bite on the nape of my neck, lordocious, ravenously throwing it back for the minute and a half that I can stand and then you're breaking me, and your name I call turns into this gut wrenching scream of smut and with it we cum.

Simple chemical, primal reptile brain, diaphragm shaking breaths as you burst, the throbbing explosion of fullness, the sating of catholic craving,

Convulsing against each other he folds.. His humid human form enveloping me. I beg him not to pull out yet, I hear his smile as he breathes heavy into me. He twitches but doesn't shift .

As he falls asleep atop me, he wiggles from inside my embrace, and I from under his.

He slips out, and then I do.

As I exit his back door, locking the twisting knob behind me, the irony is not lost.

Climbing into my leather seats without leaking I pull away, turn up, and light up, as I ride away from his dark house.

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