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Silent Night (I’ve never done anything like this before)

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

The smell of cold burns the insides of my nose, as the bitter winter air slipped through the awning of the patio off the green room.

A patio which is really a fire escape. One clearly no longer in use. Stairs caged and locked, unable to slide down to a grimey once alleyway. Which subsequently had been fenced in shotilly by other establishments so that this patio saw privacy, by virtue of what was haphazardly shielded from it's view.

I had protested a lot getting out here, it was cold, there was a heated patio to smoke on in the front. I

I however changed my mind once we had walked out.

The air was breezy and clear, I was glad for the break from the chaos. It was so peaceful, dare I say romantic.

He slid off a thick glove. Pulled a joint from a tin and sparked it. I watched the reflection in his eyes. He smiled at me. Just a smirk, but like and actual maybe even saw a tooth around the joint smile. He couldn't help it.

It was too dark to really tell, but I could imagine, so serendipitous, running into each other.

He puffed, exhaled, the cold enhancing the smoke, fog and wrapping around us in the nights stillness.

Then his breath wasn’t just fog it was hot against my ear, and his cool fingers were pressed against my lips holding that smoking rod to my mouth.

His own burrowing into my curls, nuzzling my neck, a chilling kiss with hot mouth. I shudder whilst I inhaled.

The intensity of the oscillating sensations made me gasp and sputter in the frigid air.

He pulled the joint away and drug from it as he put the tip of a gloved finger in my mouth and gently pulled his hand out of it. Jamming it immediately into my hair his digits winding through my curls once sealed safely behind hoody and scarf. He kissed me, hard, shoved the weed back in my mouth and held me to it. Writhing, sandwiched and so turned on by him breathing deeply into my winter ensemble.

My eyes water and spill mixing with cold ash which has floated similarly down my cheeks.

His thumb underneath my lower-lip pouting my chubby cheeks and then releasing me from the drag.

His hand behind my head, the hairs on the nape of my neck screaming tangled so correctly, pulling uniformly in the direction he dictated.

And then I was sinking there, on my knees and I could barely feel my nose against his jeans, as I looked up to watch him return the burning ember to his lips.

Freeing his hand to unite with my face.

A gentle pat, then the thumb.

On my tongue, across my teeth meeting their partner synchronously on either side of my chapped lips, forcing the tip of my red tongue out to soothe them, and in my inability to retract freezing me in a hungry smile.

There it was.

As he looked down, back into my happy eyes and dumb drooling tongue.

Forsure a smile, definite tooth behind that joint.

That was all it took.

His belt booped me and at once I realized my true mission. I was rewarded on the quick uptake with an audible release of zipper and visible vein of steam as my prize was presented before me.

I fought the fold as he guided my tightly pulled lips to press my tongue against his risen fabric.

Then I had it in me, I had him in me. Warm in my cool throat. Swallowing as he grew even more, tightening and stretching my throat as I tried to tongue his balls. He gagged me so hard, or maybe I gagged myself so hard on his cock that for an moment I lost myself drowned in his taste, his feeling, smell.

I pumped my throat up and down with my wrists clasped behind my back. I lost track of his thumbs which eventually, miraculously reappear tangled again in my hair.

Pulling gently, kneeding, applying pressure in that way that doesn’t put strain on your neck, pulling and pushing against himself and disorientating me in the most delicious ways. I rolled his cock around in my mouth.

I’ve never done anything like this before.

I wanted to say but instead I was just spitting and slurping freezing precum as he rode my face. My little ears in between his thumb and forfingers he held me down, so relaxed. So gently, his cock slid right to the end of my tongue and I didn't fight as he shot a hot enormous load directly into my throat, my sinuses getting there fair share, I gagged as I swallowed everything. My face still locked against his hair and cock pulsating in my throat.

I’m pulled gently to rise to my feet as cold fingers wipe away stray tears. He drops the joint, a roach now and it extinguishes with a hiss on the recently disturbed snow.  He kisses me.


To taste himself in my mouth.

I hand him his gloves he puts one on and then another he leaves out for me.

I take it without a word.

‘Let’s go inside’ he says ‘It’s fucking cold.’

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