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Tie me to your bed again. I know you had no clue what you were doing.

Did you expect such gorgeous prey to climb into your lap so willingly?

I dont remember much, before I felt you inside me.

Even though thats probably why I was drenched.

I think he ate me out. while I was strapped down. I can't exactly remember.

It was that kind of fuck that makes you lose track of everything. Everyones got an erection, him, me, my nips, hell my skin, puckered, is standing at attention, I'm so turned on, I might have even begged, not my style. "Please fuck me" you have to force your way in even though I'm dripping - even though Im pushing back against your head. My natural curls sparkling from your affection, my lips wet from yours, and that soft stretchy clear cum, the kind one secretes when ovulating, or really really well hydrated and really really turned on.

Your'e cock is marvelous thick stocky with a flaired head, the second you press into me I almost lose control or squirt or whatever you call it. The flanged head makes this audible moist gulp when you enter. Your hands are on top of the restraints, Ive never been secured to a spot like this. It makes me want to scream. I look in your eyes and I nod. You start to move and I do.

Eyes back, so good, stomach clenching orgasms, I remember looking up through tears at you smiling, like you were using a toy on me, your confidence in your skill palpable, demonstrated as I wept and came and came and came until you let go of my wrists which I didn't even notice were numb. You kiss my cheek and look down at me. I feel the cold creeping wetness and the sinking feeling of embarrassment "You came a lot" you say ruffling my hair and untying me. I did. This practical pool I had made of his mattress would left very little room to deny it. I blush as he frees my second arm and pulls me into a sitting position. Kneeling, he kisses me, "let me finish in your mouth".

I don't really like the taste of come, thats an understatement, its fucking disgusting and it burns my throat and the taste lingers and some how as this delicious full sweet cock is in my throat, I gag myself on it as he gently guides my pulsating head along his shaft. He grips tightly at the shining mass of my red curls. My lips find the base, his tip finds the back of my throat. I stick out my tongue and like the breeze blowing open a door you let out a low creaking moan, your gorgeous curly spiraled thighs twitching your hips bucking up into my mouth I hold you still and you hold me down. I cant breathe I cant breathe and I cum, literally from sucking your dick and your grip on me. make me gargle and sputter. My eyes are filled with tears I hear your growl answer, your salty hands pull my lips even tighter around your cock. My face a slippery mess, your fingers grip my skull, you're thumbs behind my teeth shaking me. Cradling my cranium like a tool, there is no air I am close to coming again from it and without alarm you explode.

Nails sink into thin flesh beneath my hair,

cum erupts into my nose, my mouth,

my sinuses.

It burns and drips,

as I sputter you grip.

I dont stop moving my head

till your curled and tense body relaxes again, your cock flaccid.

When I open my eyes through the glaze you are smiling. That cool satisfied fond smile.The one you can only give when you know someones enjoyed doing something for you. This kind of appreciation. You tell me shut my lids and like a hero you mop my face with a clean towl set aside for the occasion. Wrap me in your arms and pull me close.

Maybe you do know, what your doing,

just a little.

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