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Only for you.

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

She has her mouth on my pussy and her finger(s)?in my cunt.

As he fucks her, the tempo is translated through her like she is a vessel of pleasure the gear turning in a machine of fuck.

Someones screaming.

I look into his face, warn by years, smoke and decorated with the marble gleam of sweat.

It's me.

As I sit here writing the toy she has put in my ass buzzes rather uncomfortably. I wear it because I am a good girl.

Also I know that if I can enjoy anal I can make more money as a whore.

It hurts and makes my hips tingle it makes it hard to walk -and even harder to sit down.

The ache it causes somehow begs for more. The feeling, the nerve wallowing pulsation makes me queasy.

As I type this she notices my face, gets up and grabs one of those airplane headrest pillows and orders me up and back down upon it.

It helps significantly. It’s 1:27 in the afternoon I think I can last till 1:30. This is a tactic I use especially at the gym, to improve my resilience and endurance. Just two more minutes just five more minutes. Okay well, you could do that, whats to stop you from going for more? Now that my clit is no longer stimulated, I'm dizzied by the sensation, its not pleasurable but extra-painful, like as -More- than pain.

It’s intoxicating. But when she looks at my face as I grimace and smirks, plinking away on her own keyboard I again know that this is my decision, and I am agreeing to be a good girl. She bought this toy so I could take her lovers cock.

He’s big and surly and drives a motorcycle, we smoke in his house and he walks over to grope my breasts which I leave out for courtesy. I stayed at his home in Riverside, she’s visiting from some east coast state where its probably still cold. They make me feel safe and sexy. His strong hands, her raven black hair, bathing me in eros and kindness.

They love me, they are excited Im am near, they offer me food and orgasms and ask for nothing in return, but as I am who I am I wish only to give back these pleasures.

The fleeting love the beauty of this arrangement can only be momentary, but the experience will last forever.

The nature of human connection is elusive.

They reassure me I am correct in my lascivity.

That I am worthy, smart and sexy.

They encourage me to follow my dreams, go to school when I’m finished traveling.

I appreciate this respite from the road.

This retreat within my expedition.

This whole trip, have been amazing so far, even when it's been hard, or unknown.

My head has been clear and my mind has been clean.

I am beginning to fall in love with myself again.

To take chances, I would have referred to previously as opportunities, to act upon whims I would long ago have referred to as instinct.

That intuition creeping back slowly as I gain my independence as I exercise discipline alongside excess and hone my perception.

My blade in my pocket, a square behind my ear.

Making money, sharing love, craving adventure, procured through affection.

Are you my next guide?

Or just a simple pleasure, to help me along the way?

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