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Dirty Me

Dirty me.

The first step is to make my makeup run.

If I don’t look like a raccoon after sex; I’m not trying, and I probably have somewhere else to be afterward.

It’s pretty much the first thing that gets It.

I believe it begins to smear and the dignity the composure the idea that I’m not a cock worshipping nympho who relishes the tastes of skin on the back of the tongue and looking up through eyelashes, just follows.

Those eyelashes should be holding tears, the ones that haven’t yet migrated to the tip of my nose, addressing your cock on my hands and knees, you spread before me. I have become at first a pumpjack, my head rising and falling, your hands are my bridle.

Even though I’m an adult now, and I have a career in commercial sex, dirty talk still makes me pathetically nervous, I am very bad at it, and rarely initiate.

The only way to overcome this, ive found is for you to press gently on the back of my neck, maybe with one hand, simply trying to reach your cock through my skull.

I’ve mastered breathing, but after you fill a certain point in my the throat.

That becomes impossible.

To Deep Throat, is sacred.

The most devout form of affection.

Not only pleasure, it’s trust, it’s danger.

So when you hold me down that extra second after I try to rise, remember to ask if I’m a dirty cockslut, because I wouldn’t admit it to you, if I wasn’t agasp, if I didn’t love it, if the full production of slit slickening juices were not near breaking through my opening.

Lubricating my natural plump entrance.

Please treat me like a toy, a soft peach reek ing of my own cum. Soak my gorgeous natural garden. Suck my throbbing clit.

Dirty my cunt.

Defile me sweetly.

Please I beg you now I cant take it any longer.


Dip yourself in me,

between my bouncy thighs.

Soft and slow full of you, wedged into to me, staring, into my eyes which betray my pleasure.

The shock of penetration always burns my stomach, hit with the fiery butterflies of passion, it is almost awkward almost

orgasmic that first thrust.

From in to, almost out, and all the way in.

Fuck me till I cum then keep fucking me.

I love to ride but hate to admit it.

It’s embarrassing like I’m using your cock for my pleasure. I do relish having control over how deep you dive into me, and getting to se your reaction when I rotate my hips. If I’m not careful sometimes not that often >.<

I squirt, which I find highly embarrassing, after you’ve made that happen you’ve checked every dirty box and your ready to plant your seed somewhere on my lovely body.

Finishing off your bouquet of spoiled satiation, and dirty dirty desire.

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